In Japan in the 1980's, an enterprising Japanese gentleman called Yamane had an idea to combine his love of western vintage jeans with a Japanese love of handcrafted traditions. He looked at his own collection of vintage jeans and noticed the special fabric and details which were to inspire his brand EVISU. The old fabric that was used for vintage jeans was much narrower so the fabric's selvedge was always used for the side seams making them more expensive. The old techniques for making denim meant that there was some unevenness in the fabric which causes a beautiful fading after many washes and that the denim would twist and shrink slightly giving each jean a unique character. Yamane wanted to make jeans like the old ones. He wanted that touch and every other detail that made them special. After much hard work and many trials Evisu jeans are made today using many techniques and reconditioned machines of the past and of course using the best Japanese Indigo dyed denim and the selvedge seams which caught Mr. Yamane's eye so many years ago.